Vertical or Horizontal UV Chamber: Which is the Best Option?

When it comes to installing a Dynamics UV system, the manufacturer recommends that it always be mounted vertically due to the balance of the quartz cuff. However, you can install a UV filter in either a vertical or horizontal position, depending on the manufacturer's instructions. Using a stainless steel mounting kit is an easy way to secure your UV water purifier. If placed correctly on a vertical surface, your purifier will look neat and professional.

These kits come with pre-drilled brackets and all the necessary hardware to mount the purifier. The mounting arrangements also allow for free air circulation to optimize the cooling of the ballast housing. The orientation of the UV chamber doesn't affect its effectiveness in treating water, but more compact UV systems usually use brighter lamps and can be more expensive. While most UV water purification systems are installed vertically, they can also be installed horizontally. Many systems come with a prefilter or a combination of sediment and carbon prefilters to prepare well water for UV treatment in an all-in-one system. When installing a UV filter, it's important to position it correctly as this is essential for its operation.

It can be installed vertically or horizontally, but it's usually better to do it vertically with the electrical connection of the bulb at the top for easier repair. When determining the space needed for installation, make sure to leave at least twice the dimensions of the UV system so that there is enough space to replace the lamp and cover. Before installing a UV system, it's important to know what contaminants are in the water. The leading manufacturers of UV systems offer high quality disinfection systems designed to meet all your water treatment needs. Otherwise, UV light cannot effectively reach and destroy microorganisms because particles in the water block the rays.

To ensure proper water treatment, manufacturers strongly recommend installing a pre-sediment filter before the UV system. The disadvantage of adding UV light after the filter is that dead microorganisms agglutinate and settle to the bottom. If a prefilter is not used and turbidity levels are high, particles in the water will block UV rays, making the UV treatment process less effective.